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Helio Conhache

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Helio 2

Primero de todo me gustaría dejar claro que lo que cuelgo en mi bandcamp personal bajo el nombre de M.E. (Most Emotional) o Helio Conhache son una serie de recopilaciones de canciones compuestas únicamente por mí, temas que no han visto la luz a través de mi banda NITCH [] o que sencillamente no tienen continuidad fuera de mi propia interpretación. Es un proyecto que jamás ha llegado al directo aunque en cierto modo me planteara la posibilidad de montar una banda que me permitiera llevar los temas al directo. Pero la verdad es que hasta el momento no se…

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Bay Kee

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Bay Kee 2

I was writing songs for my band, The Jean Jackets, but members of the band ended up in different places after College and eventually we couldn’t really play together anymore. I had all these songs laying around and decided to just start my own project! What song of yours is the one you like the most? “The Man with Red Eyes”. It’s in a world of its own.  How do you write your music? In my bedroom with my guitar. A lot of my songs are written when I need to let off steam or express something that’s been on…

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Coldplay ofrecerá conciertos en América Latina

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El grupo musical conformado por Chris Martin, Jon Buckland, Guy Berryman y Will Champion realizará una gira por países latinos. Coldplay publicará su álbum A Head Full of Dreams, el 4 de diciembre, por eso la banda llevará a cabo una gira alrededor del mundo. Los músicos el próximo año visitarán México y Chile, ya las fechas de cada concierto han sido confirmadas. Coldplay grabó el videoclip de “A head full of dreams” en las calles de Bombay, en India.  Además se espera que los británicos visiten Bogotá en el mes de marzo del 2016. Aquí, te presentamos el audio oficial:…

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High Sunn

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High Sunn 2

In the beginning, I was just a 13 year old boy who was obsessed with the indie scene and the bands like beach fossils, elvis depressedly, teen suicide, and wavves. The more and more I listened to music, the more I wanted to compose my own songs. I already had a few years experience with guitar and wanted to take the next step. So, during months of late 2013 and early 2014, I started a project that would soon become High Sunn. At first, I had no experience with writing my own lyrics and constructing a song structure. It was…

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Audrey Vixen

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Audry Vixen1

I began experimenting with writing electronic music way back in 1999 when I first heard Massive Attack’s Mezzanine album. I created the alias The Invisionary which I began releasing stuff with through Myspace and eventually an album through label Nuform Music. Audrey Vixen really kicked off after a took a break from writing and jumped back in as a duo with producer/vocalist Laura Hamilton in 2012. We wanted to do something a lot more organic and raw, but still very dark and electronic. The music has always been about creating atmosphere and emotion (I love my deep, resonating basslines) and…

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