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“100 Expressions of Music” by BestOf.MusicSound.rocks

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“100 Expressions of Music” by BestOf.MusicSound.rocks

BestOf.MusicSound.rocks prepared this special article for all of its readers… We have received and published plenty of interviews, it´s taken a lot of efforts and patience to keep this project growing up, therefore this is a special “thank you” for your acceptance and engagement with us.

We have asked to 100 musicians what they believe music is!!

So here are their answers and the best of it is that you can also listen to them.

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– Vladimir Kossma, Manager at BestOf.MusicSound.rocks and MusicSound.rocks

Contact: vladimirkossma@gmail.com

Music is the subjective interpretation of sound and silence.

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
― Hans Christian Andersen

I believe music is like pure river water that soothes any thirsty emotion.
– Mapumba

Most people who play music today would be dead inside without it. It comforts when nothing else can. It’s sad that some people don’t know that still.
– The Uncommonly Good

Music can be fused into many forms and grafted onto other mediums Music is the putty of Artists.One of the crowns of human kind, full of bright sparkling gems .Music is important and music is whatever you need it to be !Music flows alongside and within our lives and may it lead us to a better understanding of each other.
– RadioRay

“Music is this beautiful intangible something that can transform your mood, your spirit and your life. Walking to a beat just makes you feel alive.”

“Don’t make music for people around you. Make music that gives glory to God.”
– A.J.

Music is the most effective, precise and universal of human languages because it uses no words.
– Xo

Music is wordless life.
– Niño Crudo

“Music is how I connect with other people. Searching for someone to feel a bond with, it’s a difficult journey – but worth it when you feel a connection”
-Dan Rose

“To make music is to know the tube that exists between ears and heart and to have the ability to make the most of it.”
– Flaub

Music, currently, is just another vessel for faceless idiots to sell you soda. It is dubious, unless of course it’s not.

hugs you like your mum
fucks you like your girl
kisses you in your dreams
and makes you feel so good”
– Dirty Old Spice

“Music is no hobby, its a lifestyle. You experience it with your whole body, with your soul and your heart”
– The Reckless Rex

“Music is sound, and sound is music. I’ve learned through making sample-based music that every sound in the world has musical elements to it. Every sound has an energy and vibe to offer, much like the combination of sounds we call music.”
– Roundtree

“Try to imagine life without music… You can’t, music lives forever and always has”

” Music is a constant need.”
– Luciano Carlevaris – Hitoploxus

“Music is the way for the soul to communicate where language fails. It elucidates the profound, indescribable, immeasurable ideas and feelings we have and brings them close enough to touch.”
– Abbi Rajasekhar

“Music is the only artistic medium that inhabits and moves and evolves with time just like souls and their bodies do – the rawest form of dynamic expression”
– Shiitake

“Music is harmony, it is the universe paying homage to itself through sound.”
-Ryshy, Nova

“Music is capable of communicating the incommunicable, hitting you from inside.“
– Audiolepsia

“We believe music is one of the best way to deliver a message to an audience and give them keys to comprehend the world they’re living in.”
– Archie and Ben

“Music is the only thing that gets your mind off everything else”

“Music is an interactive kind of storytelling, like inserting someone else into a dream you had. It’s immersive, and it attains meaning from the listener.”
– The Gray Company

“Music in my opinion is a combination of energy and emotions all wrapped up into a beautiful melody.”
– 42milestoearth

“So, MUSIC is a journey. An infinity travel to the origins of the Genesis. This is a way to set a complicated questions and give a beautiful in their simplicity answers. It’s a mind freedom.”
– Roman Oridoroga (RScreamroad)

In our Time, music must be a great slap in the face to prevent us from falling in our own self contemplation.
“We’re given time on this soil
We’re given souls
Not to spoil”
From my song On The Rise

– JB Moonshiner

“Music is any audible expression of genuine emotion, following specified rhythms and patterns. It’s beautiful.”
– Calyer

“For some people music is a freedom of expression, for others it’s an outlet of aggression. Those are the two key elements for everything I work on.”
-William J. Sullivan
Composer – Producer – Engineer and Owner of Wreckin’ Joint Productions

“Music is audible vibrations that give colourful and vivid impressions of life. It is an expression of your place in the world and what you have to say about it.”
– Jonathan Morgan (from Birmingham, England)

“Just as people see only what they want, music is to us exactly what we look for in it. It can be transformative, healing, irritating, inspiring, etc… Depends on what you’re open to receiving.”

“Music is the one and only way to truly express our mood, our feelings. You can be anywhere in the universe, you don’t have to worry about misunderstanding, if you use the language of music.”
– Akos Balogh

“Music is the soundtrack to an artists emotions”
– MudHole

“The music is just like a password to the souls of other people. As usual it is wrong, but if it is correct this will change these souls forever, whether they likes it or not”
– Ilya “Morok” Karzov

“I think music is a collection of sounds arranged in a way that is unique to the creator, anything can be music it’s all about your style and how you interpret the sounds and add them into your songs”
– Mitch Fek

“Music is the council pop of life.”
– Invisible Spies Records

“Music has the emotional power to move you in whatever way you want or need it to.”

“Music is the true expression of emotion”
– Helldogs Kris

“Existence. Emotion. Inspiration.
A trip.
Explosion. Excitement. Innovation.
To find.
A thought. A spark. A sign.
The Grand.
Meaning. Creation. Life.

– Ghost Warfare
“Hell Folks, greetings from Belgium, Music is just the soundtrack of our lives, keep on rockin”
– Classic Alien Invasion

“I believe music is the place where is saved in our mind forever”
– 未来電波基地 (Mirai Dempa Kiti)

“Music just is.”

“Music is a mean of transport for everyone share their feelings, their particular way of viewing the world. It can be the symbol of a revolution with every note of a song dancing around and combining to reach the goal, to carry the sound of people that cannot speak. Music is the form of art that uses the waves of sound to break the boundaries of society and makes the world more unite. So with that in mind this is our way of reaching those people and breaking those walls hope you enjoy.”
– Fera

“A unique form of communication, which allows anybody to convey their message in a creative fashion. Music is an expression of a person’s inner thoughts”
– Vacant Party

“It’s a reminder that there are things that we cannot see or understand, but they have the potential to be more real and powerful than the things we do.”
-Doc Reinhart, The Grave Jinglers

“Music is just one vehicle of expression that ties an artist to a listener. Many of us tell the same stories with our music, but what makes each artist unique is the way that he or she uses this vehicle.”

“Music is subjective to the individual. It’s the sound of thought. The sound of violence,
misery, beauty, lust, pain. It’s nothing and everything all at once.”
– Andy Warren Jepson

“Music is able to tell stories through sound alone.”
– ExPsyle Music

“Music is art through sound, whether it be purposeful or natural. It can come through anything from an orchestra to raindrops on an abandoned air conditioner.”
– Meet the Squidables

“Music is chasing a collision of sounds, a collage of emotional resonances, the sound of memories half forgotten, an archive of regrets and dreams, the yearnings of previous youthful incarnations of us, the prospect of many years ahead and all the vast landscape of the interior that we wrestle with each moment we exist. It shares the clarity of a dream with the sensations of our emotional centre..”
– The Impending Adorations

“To me, music is a channel for my emotions, and my spiritual practice.”
– Richii Wainwright

“Music is magic, just like love. When the night is dark and hope is dead, music can lift us up and make us feel again. Music travels across all borders to touch our hearts.”
– Homeless Balloon (Helge Krabye)

“Music is pink balloons popping on your birthday while a clown smiles and blows out your birthday candles for you”
– Soft Cure

“Music is speaking every language in the world at once, to everybody.”
– Count the Thief.

“Music is a universal language reaching beyond the cosmos through the soundwaves of time, and we’re all gifted with the tools to communicate in our own personal way.”
– Mike Hilton. Parallels..

“The music is an interior and sensational trip across the sonorous waves in which all the possible feelings can be. Love&Light!”
– Loopmoon

“Music is a way of life,universal language,music is passion.
Music can be described as a living person,a best firend,motivating us and giving us courage to learn and explore more and falling more in love with it.”
– Daniel De Roma – Founder&C.E.O. – Secret Jams Recs/Booking

“Music is Joy, Grace, Pain and Sorrow. The right song will have you feeling like your on top of the world, when others just help you make it through tough times! MUSIC IS EMOTION!!!”
– N-House Production

”Well, music(not what we see out there in the days of today) is the expression of the soul, it is art in the form of sound.”
-Lord Lion.

” Music is a constant need.”
– Luciano Carlevaris – Hitoploxus

“Music is the only thing that gets your mind off everything else”

“Musik is cheap therapy!”
– Tom Mess

“Music is the only thing that make´s us better human´s all the time…”
– Dj Quien

“Music is not life.”
– Leptons

“Music is the only thing that can hit you so hard yet not inflict pain…”
– Harry Up! (www.HarryUp.com)

“mr. Kitano?”
– Nik Savinich

“Music is the fundamental distinction between psychological dogma and somatic shift. In other words, it is as important as living and breathing. Foci, the plural of focus, ties us all together in these principles.”
– Mick Buckingham

“Music is complete freedom of artistic expression. It is the purest form of entertainment.”
– Charlie Munro

“Music is a tangible way of understanding those concepts that are too abstract to stand alone.”
– Space Cubs

“Music is like the clap, you’re stuck with her. Live in denial and infect others with her power, or admit to your doctor that you’re a whore for rhythm and blues.”
-Brandon Valentin

“Music is … the true magic in a ordinary world, a time capsule you use to escape , the good news that lifts you everyday so real that makes us feel so full of live”
– Habitantes.

“Music to me has always been an escape for me, when Im going threw life dealing with the hand Im delt, it helps to keep me focused and calm. a long time ago I started writing to let out my emotions especially my anger, and rage rather than aim it at human life, I redirected it in the form of art and found a creative way to release those emotions without risking my freedom.”
– The Real Top Shottah

“To me music is a way of releasing stress informing the youth of life triumphs, as well as letting the world know like tragedies personal or family and friends go thru, and acknowledging the youth it’s more than one way to to get paid out here other than the street life. I suggest consumers to purchase / be interested in my music if they want to here a sound of fresh air, and have a good time other than the same music Type that’s been around for the last ,7-10 years.”
– Taevious

“Music is poetry, an escape from life itself.. Hard days, death, depression and loneliness.. A pivotal hub for one to physically enjoy the nectar of sounds and rhythm, pumping its way in your ear cavity…music. Means the world to me. It has taken me from the streets to the highest point of the earth.. I see music like jean Michel basquiat and his paintings of realism.. Music has a special scar in my heart, it means we are related and way deeper than a brother I say its more rooted in me than my DNA.. Music means respect like Aretha Franklin demanded. From the early ages sin sity k.. Was powered over fueled by music. It is a disease that you don’t want cured that warm feeling of the word I love you told by the nurturing soul of your mother.. That is what music means to me. A prideful expression.. The acceptance into a Gotham city of musicians.”
– Sin Sity K

For all musicians who participated… THANK YOU!!

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– Vladimir Kossma

Contact: vladimirkossma@gmail.com

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