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Alan A.

When did the project begin? and How did you meet yourselves?

I’ve always sung for as young as I can remember. I used to stand on the bench at kindergarten and sing for the whole school! I started writing at 16 but it wasn’t until 2008 that I recorded my first opus Ambiguity.

What song of yours is the one you like the most?

My favourite song of mine would have to be Excuse My French I guess which is the opening track on my latest album Astray. It represents me well: it’s a bilingual song made with French expressions used in the English language, perfect for a Frenchman who lives in London! It’s also a bit cheeky in the lyrics and has that kind of I’m-going-to-show-you vibe!
link and lyrics:

musicsoundrocks2 - copiaHow do you write your music?

I usually have a melody and lyrics coming to me in the oddest place, like the shower or my bed on a sleepless night. I record a Voice Memo on my phone not to forget the melody and I write the words. Then I go back to it later on and work on it. When I meet an arranger to work on the music, I usually have a good idea of what instruments will do what on the track.

What influences do you have?

I grew up in France but I was always very attracted to Brit Pop, so my influences vary a lot. It goes from Europop to British rock to American R’nB. I do not reject a song or music just because people say it’s crap, I refuse to follow the mass and I stand for what I believe in.

What´s the best experience you have had with your project?

Releasing music, gigging and meeting the fans is the best that can happen to an artist but next 13th June I have been invited to sing at Gay Pride in my home town Nantes and headline the festival before the float leaves, so that will be the biggest gig of my career so far. It’ll also be my first concert in France and therefore an opportunity for my family and my old friends to see my show live!

What plans do you have this year?

Apart from that, I have started collaborating with a new composer, so we’ll see where that’ll lead, but I want to gig more and export my sound to the rest of Europe!
Mention something you don´t like about your project.
The most frustrating part of an artist is to juggle between a job that pays the bills and my creative part. Basically I haven’t had a day off in years! But I do it because I love it and it brings so much back!
Alan A.

Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.

Many times I have sacrificed a meal, a payment, etc. to be able to pay to make CDs, to buy props for gigs, etc.

What band, music project or solist from your city do you like?

At the moment I listen a lot to French singer Christine and the Queens who like me comes from Nantes and has lived in London. I also like Florence and The Machine and Paloma Faith a lot, both from London.

If your project was a word, what would it be?

– Cocky 😉

– Alan, singer-songwriter. Question answered in my bedroom 😉

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