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Alien Architect


The clouds were forming, developing before my eyes as my eyes did, boat floated upon as it was built by the very same one who was floating upon it. And as the stars began to ripple, so did my flesh 


Then, just then, the smoke came and engulfed the entirety of existence down to the smallest fraction or molecular module. And as the lowest denominator common was reached by hands attached to arms stretched as far as they could go, the rainbow cried out tears of relief and release. 


Simultaneously, in an alternate reality: 

The feathers swam in the lake. The lake waved a welcoming greeting. 


The Earth quaked until it was no more than a fragment, a figment. Astroids, fifty foot long legs, and toes curled like hair do. Shooting stars northern lightening thunderous collapse into the portal over ninety billion centimeter depthly. 


I climbed to the top of the tree. 



The three way mirrored bathroom cabinet just above the sink on the first floor were turned in on to each other as to create a mirror portal hallway of sorts. I stepped into this mirror and landed into my body as if someone else had inhabited my body earlier that day and since the beginning of my body’s birth. I was happy to have arrived.


That was when the moon began to set. A clapping sound was heard in the background, I rather liked the feeling, it was zoomed in to the pore. I stepped inside the pore and was now inside of a biological system not much that unlikely to humanoid, yet it was not quite.  

The floor boards began to sing in overlapping rounds of ten.

Dripping dew drops gently slid down the side like slide, gliding gleefully with moisture upon the dry. The sky was now larger than i had ever seen it.

Chapter 2 

Glowing beneath. Ladder atop. Ladder stood straight up despite lack of structural support from beneath and not leaning upon any sort of wall or surface. Climbing to the top and finding one’s self amidst patterns and times tables and series. No physical objects, just concepts. Just patterns and non patterns and floating in the water rippling outwardly towards the mirror, the mirror. I stepped outside the mirror just then. It was the past. It was my self now in the future who had landed back into my body from the mirror hallway long ago. Circulatory the five storied story circulates circulated. And dreams and love is all. 

And thus The Alien Architect arose and began to walk this Earth, speaking his PEACE 🙂


What song of yours is the one you like the most?
It fluctuates. At the moment what comes to mind is Inherently Flawed, which is on the Alien Architect album entitled Arteria

Inherently Flawed is very intense and uncomfortable if you listen closely to the lyrics 🙂

I was shaking and all crazy like Back Then when I laid down the vocals in the booth at Kawari Sound Studio with Alex Daniels.. also the experience of writing the lyrics was super psychological break down like as well…

The whole state of being and attitude of the song is not who or where i am now but creating it was part of le transitioning process 🙂

In it, like in a number of my songs come to think of it, I hop from different perspectives a bit as if one perspective 🙂

How do you write your music?
Each album has been a different meta process, and then each song within each album has been its own individual process within the constructs of each album’s meta process 🙂

For example,, 

Words become prefixes carried over to the nine. A glowing horse peddle rosary galaxy june moon beam glowing portal parrot pixy ferry dusting corners like glue cosmic. Leaves dance and sing and play

Words become prefixes carried over to the nineINTERVIEWING MUSICIANS

What influences do you have?
wind, water, fire, earth, the elementals, space, time, shape, substance, matter, multiple infinities, imaginary numbers, physical integers, memory, syllables, beats, overlapping rounds, feel, floating….

which is to say….

voice crack interval lowest low to highest high piano fingers linger bass of melody voicing, cracking rhythm section crackling record melt by heat, multiple overlapping voices upon every word.

What´s the best experience you have had with your project?
Love 🙂 Self discovery beyond self, shedding layers 🙂

For Example,, a walk into the shadow realm from the deserted i land and name it and claim it though it swoops me up tidally waving greeting eye open half closed blinking bubbling tubbling lashing outwardly receiving light signals glandular through synaptics to neuro logi loci in put out put off put ting tinge eye re cognit cognition stanza written smitten like preserve a tiv, pub lic priv ate spheres sir come prance and domains spoken of as to and what is the standpoint referential a nearly forgotten resurfacing tendric tantric wrap a round coming from form the na val through the is and the on as copy fe line decimal expanse into una memory memorial reality staircase spiraling up ward paradoxicality perspectivo conclusion inclusion fusion dimensions coming and going as eyes close and what is facing you in that darkness is you facing one’s self and overlapping worlds twirl a n d in ter twine fine garments are sued by mechanicals oparerated by hands pressed at the tips disjointed connected to no arms not bodies but floating up on floatation devised devices splicing gene symbiosis regeneration with in a sing ular generation genarative and all the more rapidly as develop mentals mantel pro gress ill usary all usary hall ucary flabber gasted spewing forth write writ in cylindric als and curvy linny ears on either side notational copious capriciousity thundrous a cre oss le dar kening clou fur at iv ity

What plans do you have this year?
International art exhibitions, concerts, releasing music, collaboration, love, video, LILIPUT GALLERY EN PUEBLA, “getting open” as is often spoken of in reference to freestyle and spontaneous in the now moment stylistics 🙂

Also conjuring and conjecturing… for example,,

Tonality skew imply contours shading suggestive differentiation scumbling gestural distancing gaze receiver object pivot hydraulic socket.

Alien Architect ENTREVISTA

Mention something you don´t like about your project
All is LOVE 🙂 At times words manifest as do vibes 🙂 And so, a big hug to the planet and the universe and all of thee existence within mi conscious awareness and beyond it and beyond beyond it 🙂 Also, a different answer maybe—>> as much as my music and the person who i am in reference to my music can at times feel very freeing, it can also feel very confining too….

For example,

stacked to the ceiling bent beneath, a bag of pebble. a mosquito buzz in the air in the ear waking from slumber bit itch. churning and sloshing a bout, water sounds, vertical elongated mirror bent in middle, and stars like flicked from the brush. mouths speaking in television static whilst visually driven into like universal portal tunnel stone. 


Here’s a self portrait I painted and exhibited at Nexus en PueblaAlien Architect INTERVIEW

Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project
The dynamic, setting, and context from which i originally was strewn, The Origin. Birth and Rebirth. Though what remains amidst all that which has passed past is no more OR backgrounded as if one’s back ground, it is per haps even more like simplifying an equation to its minimalism at which IS resides 🙂

What band, music project or soloist from your city do you like?
Philly Joe Jones

He’s good! lml
If your project was a word, what would it be?
– Peregrination

Alien Architect INTERVIEW 2
What´s your full name? Where were you when you answered this interview?
Devin Asher Cohen aka Alien Architect aka Cohen Asher. I am in Mexico City right NOWW 🙂

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