There are so many great things that have happened to me because of my music, mostly accidental, but like a lot of great adventures, an exciting beginning is often the seed to everything that follows. For me that was when I was 15 and designed and hand built the guitar of my dreams with my dad and brother. Creating that crazy instrument was undoubtedly the starting point of really making my own music.




My best adventure with my music is going through the song writing process. For me it is like painting a picture. You begin with making the outlines and then you give the picture colour and make it come to life to it’s audience.
Even though have written songs in other ways, I must say that the main way on how I write a song is by waiting for a lyric or music idea that pops into my head and then compose it on the piano. When I write the lyrics first, I use a melody in my head to help me write the lyrics to a song even though I may not be using that melody idea for the song but it does help me to already have a music idea already composed that way I have a path to follow to creating the lyrics otherwise I would be lost. After writing a song, I then find recording opportunities to bring it to life to my listeners. I always go by what I already hear the song to sound like in my head and use that as a compass to knowing how I want the song to sound like in the recording. For me there is no better feeling then the feeling that I get after writing and recording a song that I feel very proud of and luckily I can say that about most of the songs I have. After recording, I then like to take the songs on a performing adventure with open mic nights and other music events that I can audition to.


Anyway, i guess the best adventure I have had with my music is getting to meet a lot of new people who love the same thing as I do. And to play in well known venues of Paris with some of my best friends that I met thank’s to music!

Théo Cormier



Well, i guess when my mother signed me from a competitions of talent. I had never  participated or let’s say, dared to make competitions of music. I remember, as if that was yesterday though. My mother, who was making dishes, me, with my headphone being to play on my piano. She is came in my room, after and explained me, that few days ago, she made me to participate from a Talent’s competition. There had many kind, like singing, instrumentalist. At beginning, i was completly out of subject, my only answer was ‘Nope’, but you know mothers? always ready to make you improve ! So, finally after a long chatting, i put down my weapons and i accepted to participate.

And that was the beginning of a great adventure…

The condition was simple, every participating to make a composition itself and only five persons will be picked, by juries, to participate at the Final. I never though, that i will have been one of these fives and that my music will have been appreciated by them. The next week, i had to assist at a reunion about this event. I had met the four others, who have been selected and noticed during, the meeting, that all used to have their own kind of music. We had the chance to play with an professional’s orchestra, to accompagn us. Before that, we have had one interview and some repetitions with musicians.
And Finally, the Final’s night arrived. There had much persons, who was came to see, our show. That was impressiving. I was used, to play in front public but i had developped a little stress.
But, in my head, the only thing that i wanted, was to play and have some fun with the orchestra. But, in this competition, much things was wrong. The condition hadn’t been respected. It was supposed, to be, a competition, singing or playing by our own composition and not already interpreted. The juries were corrupted, and i finished in second place, because they had favorised the singer who had justly made the cover of the song.
I must to precise something aswell, i was…the only instrumentalist in this competition and all the rest was singers. Wondering, if i took this evil injustice?… Nope, not it all, i was fine because…at the end, much persons are came to see me, and congratulated for my performance. This is what i call ‘A Victory’ it’s be recognized by his own work. Still the prettier Victory !
My best experience is germany in squat fraiburg  one party techno undeground with asphalte pirate dj
Sharing with people around the world and meet some people, artists. Work with them, and maybe will make a collaboration. With my music i hope people will be dancing, will be smiling, and be happy. “With the music in particular the songs, I found the way to express myself, when i singing or the writing.” The music allows to share every moments, moments of the life in the enjoyment or the sadness.


Being able to reach someones heart, dedicate a dance track to jam out, or simply give my best rendition of a song that I love is in itself the best and continuous adventure that I’ve had the honor to have with my music. Whether it be a lyric or a beat music is a universal language that I’ve found can connect people from all languages and places in the world and that’s what i want to accomplish with mine.


The best adventure I’ve had with music is being able to connect with people that I wouldn’t have connected with otherwise-staying true to myself while getting out of my comfort zone and resonating with the listeners. My first ever performance I felt the energy of the crowd, and ever since I’ve been hooked. It’s like that Christmas spirit that I felt as a young kid opening up my Nintendo 64 back in Christmas of ’98. When I play, that passion hits me like a bolt of lightning!

Whenever I share my best adventures with my music with some loved ones I tend to receive little to no support, and I notice they tend to support other people. There’s always attempts to talk me out of having a music career. It’s a shame that some loved ones always ask “When are you going to get a job.” Music is my job. Too many people would then take the negative feedback personally as if the doubtful comments are truth. These are definitely not truths.

I’ve found if you let people make your choices for you, the results can be horrible. Here’s the facts: People who are negative, overlook me, or mock me for doing what I love don’t actually understand my “why.” I live a life that they don’t understand. They don’t understand why music is important to me. And that’s OK. It’s perfectly OK to live a life that others don’t understand. Fact. My career in their eyes is not “normal” or “stable”. It would be too easy to get that stable job, make safe choices for job security. To live an extraordinary life, you have to make unconventional choices that appear risky and “unsafe” to others. I stay up at night working on my music craft everyday.

The only thing that would not be OK is giving up on my music, hiding my gifts or personality because somebody talked me into shrinking my potential. What isn’t OK is trying to fit in and go along with the crowd just to get along. All the disbelief I’ve experienced? Well. Since people tried to talk me out of it so much, I figure it’s the direction I should drive full speed ahead on. It takes nothing to follow the crowd and fit in with everyone else, but it takes true courage to take the road less traveled and live your most authentic self.

So my fellow musicians, go out and live life on your own way and your own terms. All the hate you’ll receive along the way is just others seeing you as a reflection of what they wish they could be or do. In time, all the people who make fun of you will go from mocking you to asking, “Hey how in the world did you do that?” I’ve seen it happen.

No one is taking my adventures with me and Blu Blu away from me. Who is Blu Blu, you ask? That’s my spoiled blue guitar, my road running sidekick!

To those who support me. I appreciate you and the love doesn’t go unnoticed.

Joey Rory


Hello, my name is Jenny or you could also call me ‘Jennie’ which is my alias I go by on YouTube. I am currently a 16 year old girl, I’ll be 17 in April, who lives in Fresno, USA. I am what is considered a Youtaite, a YouTube cover artist. The term ‘Youtaite’ is a coined term combining the words YouTube and Utaite. Utaite means “cover artist” in Japanese which is why the term is considered You-taite. What a Youtaite mainly does covers of Japanese content from JPOP to Vocaloid to Anime. Some even do translations of Japanese content into English to appeal all types of viewers.Now, what is the best adventure I have had with my music? Well that’s an easy answer. The best adventure I’ve had with my music is when I am able to work with other talented people who have the same interest as me. The best part about music is being able to work and collaborate with amazing and talented people because truly I believe that music is about connecting with one other. Getting to be part of a team and being able to really connect and make new friends is really the best adventure you could ever want. The best adventures always need companions to venture with you!

Jenny Ly




My best adventure in music has been attending the Music and Game Festival (MAGFest) in 2016, after pursuing video game and covering music on Youtube (SwigglesRP) for 4 years. Meeting so many friends, talented musicians, and jamming in hotel rooms was unreal and inspirational. I highly suggest that anyone interested in creating and sharing music online collaborate, listen to as much music as they can, and find a convention nearby to both network and enjoy themselves.





I’ve been on so many adventures because of music… From attending festivals and conferences to playing in subways and parks, from playing private AND public shows to recording in professional studios. Sure, I’ve played to a few empty bars, but I’ve made friends and had experiences I wouldn’t trade for anything. I’m lucky enough to be a full time musician, and I’m even luckier to have the opportunity to travel regularly for my music. My very best adventure (so far!) is definitely my first tour. In August of 2015, I set out for 3 weeks and 13 shows on the road. Of course it had it’s ups and downs (I got lost more than a few times) but overall it was AMAZING. I played in cities I’d never even been to before, I met other bands and musicians that I still talk to regularly, and I found and shared inspiration all over the country. On the days without shows, I explored new places, went hiking, visited downtown, relaxed on the beach… But performing was the best part, hands down. Even playing to the smallest audience in a new place is exhilarating – and to know they like your music is even better. I’ve always dreamt of seeing the world, but I never imagined I’d be doing it BECAUSE of the thing I love the most. Music has opened more doors for me than I knew possible, and it makes me love it even more. I can’t wait to get back on the road and share more music with YOU.

– Fiona



Hello! My name is Tyler Kimball and I am a 16 year old musician in Atlanta Georgia! Ever since I was in middle school, I have been playing French Horn and I had a surprising talent for it, and so as I got into highschool, which I’m in now, I somehow got an interest in sound recording and sound design, and I just started to get an extreme interest in synthesizers and recording and I’ve come a far way as I’ve been teaching myself all of these techniques! Especially at a young age, it’s easy to get distracted by other things, but music has captured my heart and soul and I can’t stress enough how great it has impacted my life~

-Tyler Kimball


Singing improv on stage with the great Betty Carter, singing “Our Love is Here To Stay” with the great Nancy Wilson during her performance at Blues Alley,  playing one of my songs for the great Shirley Horn during a rehearsal in her studio.


Charles Wright



In 1991 I was hired by The Jets [a 1980’s pop band] to play guitar, drums, and keyboards at their LIVE performances; During this time Katherine “Kathi” Wolfgramm [keyboardist for The Jets] as married to Al Noga [Alapati Noga] who played for the Minnesota Vikings (NFL) football team.  It was a fun experience working with the Jets, hanging out with them in Lahina, Maui, Hawaii, at their houses and at recording studios.

I also got to spend some time with Al Noga jogging, working out at health clubs, playing tennis, and seeing Jim Carrey’s film titled The Mask. After the Jets, I was hired to play guitar for Ingrid Julia) Chavez [a Mexican-American poet, vocalist, songwriter and photographer] and we got to practice in Prince’s private practice studio at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota.



My best adventure is my current role in music. I used to be a metal guitarist in a melodic death metal band in Guatemala. However, once I moved to Boston, I discovered my passion for classical/orchestral composition and film/video game scoring. Recently, I’ve been writing short pieces (>1 min) for video intro skits for a youtube channel called “Top Hats and Champagne”. The reason I like this so much is the mere pressure I am subject to every time I write a piece for him. The way it works is he live streams himself while editing a video, showing me the clip to make a piece for once, and sometimes making requests for specific genres. I then have to write, record, produce, mix, and upload the piece for him in under 5 hours. The pieces vary from classical/orchestral to latin to aleatoric music. I do this almost every week. Each of them is a unique musical adventure, which pushes me to my limits every time.

James R. Basterd


He’s photographed Clapton and Hendrix and now he’s photographing me! At 17, I received an email from renowned rock photographer Robert Knight asking me to join the “Brotherhood of the Guitar” website. The Brotherhood is a showcase of young and upcoming musicians supported by Guitar Center, Ernie Ball and many other industry leaders. Robert said that he came across some videos of my guitar playing on YouTube. Skeptical, I messaged the Brotherhood Facebook page to be sure the email was real. I just couldn’t believe that Robert Knight was watching my YouTube videos! Robert assured me it was legit, so we scheduled a video interview to be filmed at the Boston Guitar Center. Sitting in front of the man who has taken acclaimed photographs of my guitar heroes was humbling and unreal!

Alex Starbard



One of the more memorable experiences I had was traveling from Washington DC to Houston Texas, at the age of 16, to visit a relative of mine. My flight stopped at an airport in New Jersey, during Christmas and I had 3 hours before my next flight arrived, so I went for a stroll around the place. Eventually I came across a Yamaha grand piano, that some else had brought in. I asked the man who set it up if it was okay if I could practice on it, while I waited for my flight. He said it was fine, so I sat down.

No one was around at first, but I had been playing for so many minutes that felt like hours, that I didn’t even notice the young woman near by, who was getting her violin ready. If I remember correctly, I started an improvisational piece, and she naturally matched and followed my tune. Next thing I know we’re surrounded by crowds of spectators who were enjoying the music. That was the first time I ever performed in public. Actually, that was the first time anyone had ever heard my music, come to think of it.
The most amazing adventure I’ve had  as a musician has been my 25 year journey of mastery in expressing myself to the highest degree that I can, with complete honesty on the medium I’ve chosen. It’s taught me so much about the universal processes of growth and expansion.  How to break big tasks down in to tiny pieces and how to nurture my self  and others through out the growth processes in life . How to effectively work well with others while  and the importance of always keeping my individual values in mind with every collaboration . I feel any craft that someone puts their whole heart into teaches them variations of those core concepts.

It wasn’t easy growing up the way I did. No father, an unfit drug addict mother in a rundown neighborhood. Everyday, anything I wanted to do, was shut down by my mother who believed it wasn’t “catholic”, despite her own drug use. Music in the house was limited, only the music she enjoyed was allowed. Anything new I wanted to try and listen to was rejected in an instant. It wasn’t until October 13th, 2013, when it was the last straw and I ran away from home, did I find music. It wasn’t until my aunt and her wife took me in to their home despite not having much themselves and told me “You can be who you like, you can do what you like, you can experience what you like”, did I explore my love for music. But listening wasn’t enough. I couldn’t just listen to it, I wanted to try it. Believe me, the first hundred or so times I tried it out, it was royally awful. But I continued. I continued to try until I felt what I was listening to was right. Almost 2 years ago, it hit me. Yes, recording these rap battles I did and also the occasional cover and song was great fun and enjoyable, but bringing a character to life is what got me going. Looking at a character I have to portray and thinking, “Well he is this way and acts like this, so I’ll do it like this and this”. Not only that, but specific characters who haven’t been explored or have no established personality, that is the most fun I could ever have. Breathing life into a character who in turn, rubs off on me a little, building the character I couldn’t have as a child. Trying on all these masks, this makeup, will mimicking this character’s voice, with plenty of room for me to do my own songs and have my own unique style and flavor. To this day, I don’t think I can see myself doing anything different. Music is a part of me now, it’s something that gives me meaning. So to answer the question, my greatest adventure with music, was being able to discover it all on my own. Be one, with my music.



The best adventure I’ve had with my music so far is the connection I’ve made with my fans and the friends I have made along the way because of it. I started making YouTube videos because of my love for singing and now it’s turned into something much more. It has changed my life for the better and has given me confidence and brought me out of really hard times. I recently had the privilege of going to a YouTube convention called VidCon where I got to share my talent with others and meet a lot of fans and friends!

Cassidy Richardson



My name is sethifus! I’ve written songs about MST3k, Harry Potter, and a variety of other geeky/nerdy things. This included the Pitch Drop experiment! A journalist from the Wall Street Journal once interviewed me about it, but the article never got printed. I also got interviewed by General Mills a couple of times about my the song I wrote about monster cereals!
I think the best adventure for me was the learning aspect and the come up. Having known completely nothing about the music production industry and just being able to learn and become more popular was the best part for me. My music wasn’t great to start out, as you would expect. I used just my computer, FL Studio and nothing else. I was able to get better and better each day and I was able to purchase my first midi keyboard last year. Seeing my skill set grow and having it show through YouTube views, comments, likes etc. is really great and inspiring. Last summer I was able to connect with an artist named Dre Sonnier, and he made a track called “Mean That” to one of my beats. When he first messaged me about it I was so stoked to hear that he wanted to use one of my beats to make a song. He was actually the first artist to use a beat of mine and he really pushed me to keep making music. Dre made a music video to “Mean That” and it’s on YouTube. He was also able to get it played to his local radio station and I listened to it live and that was amazing. Knowing that a beat I created was on the radio is so inspiring to me because, like I said, I used to know nothing about music production. This just shows that you can do anything you want as long as you practice and keep grinding. My dream is to be a music producer and I’m well on my way!

I haven’t performed my music and really been on an adventure or travelled anywhere.  But I do love and enjoy the fact that people all around the world are listening to my instrumentals.  The feeling I get when I know people are listening to and using my music is a great feeling and it keeps me motivated to keep on creating and inspiring.

Kampsy On The Beat


The best adventure I’ve experienced with my own music is to record as much as I can and publish my music on the Internet for free. This will help me to live forever.



There are two things that comes to mind when i read this question. The first thing is the road from idea to finished song, the other is releasing it to the public via live shows, streaming and all that. New singel ut now. LYNCH

Karnival Korpus


My best adventure I had (and still has) is the ability to go places you can not go in the real world. When I create music I think of a place, a scenario or a special atmosphere and the riffs and melodies just come by themselves. And the ability to share this with other people and hear that they love it is truly amazing.


Jason Maek & Zaena answer: The best adventure we have had is working together to create an idea having it materialize. It has also been awesome seeing the reaction fans have giving us around the world. We are so appreciative of all the people who have taken the time to watch Fashion Week: The Visual Album.

Jason Maek & Zaena


Hello to everyone, I am Juanma of Blue Art Musique; maybe, the best adventure, the deepest and enriching is the fact to share and to transmit what I feel though music to people; everything starts with a sense, a perception of a moment, something spiritual, my only way to express it is by the music, my wishes almost moves alone to compose, expressing what goes through my mind instantly and I perceive of the world and then can play this expression on my live concert, when I do it, I feel my energies and people energies are mixed, share and play a song that born from the depths of my being, I want people to feel the same as me, they share and know what I want to say with my music. That’s is greatest adventure and pleasure that I have had, because this is telling me that we are communicating by a profoundest and sincerest language. A big hug to everybody and I hope you listen more of my music.



Whenever I get to show up at a place I’ve never been and make something with a lot of new people it feels like an adventure. Before I shot the music video for my song 9th Madder Dream (The Bangladesh Song), I’d only met with the director Jason Romolo (of Big Shave Productions). We went over the storyboards, scripts and budgets by ourselves. He hired the actors and chose the location because I lived outside Toronto so he knew the city better.

When I showed up at Loft 404 that morning for the shoot everything was new to me. I was introduced to 15 lovely people with whom I’d be working in close proximity for the following 20 hours. A long day, right? I love that pressure. It felt more like theatre or filmmaking than something to do with music. Since I’m a musician and not an actress, this experience was a taste of a different kind of creativity. Please subscribe to the youtube channel “nicoleaubeofficial” for upcoming videos, and you can see 9th Madder Dream here:

Nicole Aube



Every time I play a note, it’s a whole new adventure altogether. Most would agree that it can never be defined as one best adventure but rather more of an ongoing voyage as every time a note is played, it leads to a multi-dimensional musical journey. Some of my personal unforgettable moments from those adventures include several improv jamming sessions with friends and recreating & playing music inspired by Yanni. I really hope that more and more people can embark on this journey and experience this musical elixir themselves. An example of one such adventure is my latest Single titled ‘Olivia’ where I envisioned a relaxed environment… away from all stress and worries.

Abijah Gupta



My Best musical adventure is the recent release of my Ti Amo album under the Centaur Records label. This CD containing all of the very Best tracks I’ve done for film in almost a decade. Plus 4 supplementary unreleased original tracks produced with the help of my dear friend from Greece, the Great singer Natassa Mare. From the brightest to the strangest, it is an odyssey!

– Eric


The best adventure I’ve had with my music has been travelling throughout southeast Asia, playing small venues and bars in gorgeous tropical locations. It was incredibly inspiring to perform, while the ocean just metres away and could be heard lapping gently against the shoreline. Ive been able to draw on those experiences and memories to write new material, and will be releasing an EP this year!

Isla Noir




The best adventure i had was when i recorded my first demo. it was straight 19 days of non stop recording from waking up to the point of falling down. it was the best time i have ever had and i have never experienced creative release like that.Even though i ended up re-doing the demo and working it into my latest album, “clockwork symphony”, it was still the best experience to make the demo for my song ‘space concierto’.



My YouTube channel explores the relation between the visual, music and nostalgia. I like how they can combine together to create an immersive and exotic place that carries away the viewer. Each new video I make is in some way a new best adventure because I am getting better at editing and selecting the video samples. The producers for which I make the videos and the viewers play a big role in this renewed positive vibe with their appreciation comments. I am really grateful for the opportunities they give me.



A couple of years ago, I was working on a YouTube show called EpicMealTime. We released a downloadable pack in collaboration that features an un-released episode of our show, a couple of recipes, and two tracks by yours truly. The pack ended up getting downloaded something like 18 million times. Now, after doing some research, I found out that the most downloaded mixtape of all time is Meek Mill’s ‘Dreamchasers 2’ with something like 9 million downloads. Theoretically speaking, I had crushed that mark. Nobody recognizes it officially, but I like to think that I have the most downloaded mixtape in history. I guess that’s not really an adventure, but it’s certainly one of the coolest aspects of my career thus far.
-Tyler Lemco


Creating music is like defusing the bomb – you don’t know what it will be when you make your move.


Since I started this musical project I have found out how music can influence positively or negatively on people’s Life. I’d never written songs about God and I’d never done electronic dance music about him, but I did it obeying his plans and now when people tell me “your Music has touched me in an incredible way” I know it’s not “my music”, but God himself through music, because music can influence you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Knowing God is using me for his plans has been an incredible adventure.



I think, no I am sure I didn’t have my best adventure yet, but what I know with certain, It would be when my music could be heard all around the world.  When that happens i will know, I am living my best adventure making music ♥

Daphne “Sweet Princess”


I have had a lot of adventures with music, it is kind of a hard question. But I will tell you the last experience I had. For me, an adventure in music is to discover new things, to be open and to learn new staff or new instruments. Last year, I discovered Jack Garrat, I loved it!, it had been a while since I was not motivated by another artist, but this one is new, it is fresh, he is a great musician and he has great songs with amazing lyrics. I´m learning his staff, learning to use Ableton Live, using sequencers, and learning to play drum pads. I see the future in his music, I gotta have it too.

Boulanger Collective


My best adventure being a musician is collaborate with other musicians via youtube like a family without any discrimination. You can interact with musicians like human beings as we are. I’ve learned a lot playing whit talented people that pushed me to the limit to improve my techniques. The best adventure that a musician can have is making people happy with their art.

Alberto Medina




As México as my motherland, the north part of it (which is were I live) is not used to a particular taste of the music, the art and the sound that I’m seeking for, and the most of the sound that you hear here are uproarious bands of a taste merely scratching vulgarism, thus atracting most of the young population to its claws.
But a distinctive sound in all this madness was the one that leaded me to put me on the line and locating me apart of those who doesn’t even know what to do with their lives.
As a proud member of my local symphonic band (Banda Sinfónica Juvenil de Reynosa/Reynosa’s Juvenile Symphonic Band), a distinctive person to those who know me, a «Senpai» for a wonderful person and many more things in my short lifespan, giving pride to my city and seeking to put better reputation on it for 7 whole years (since I was 9!), I was in the recent present searching to create my own sound with the equipment that I’m able to get.
Another important piece of what made me try to create my own universe was the need of it because I got the inspiration of another great independent artist (pretty undervalued on his beggining) tagged SoGreatandPowerful { SGaP }, a indepentent brony producer (which I am too).
After attempting many times and struggling with myself to finally post my work 3 years ago (since I was 14), I received a fair amount of good feedback on my first tracks (pretty fair considering that my type of music is not actually addressed to the mainstream), making me and my family proud.
The best experience that I’ve had with my music is the possibility to express myself, create my own universe and meet wonderful people that are also on their way to receive attention for their work. Also proving myself of being capable of doing whatever I want to do, and I’m on my way of giving an aesthetic modern form of art to anyone who hears what’s on my head, always showing them that New Things are Coming Up.


Composing and recording my first album at the end of last year would be my best adventure so far, as it has let me make my musical and artistic ideas come together and come to life, as well as share my creations with everyone.




The best adventure I have had with my music is hard to quantify, because I create my music on my laptop in my room, and I haven’t had an opportunity to perform in any way outside of that, so I would have to say that it would be the friends and that I’ve made through my musical journey. Being able to connect and discuss the finer points of music, among countless other topics, with other like-minded musicians has really widened my horizons. This has also enabled me to make the collective I help run, Ponies at Dawn (BANDCAMP), become highly successful over the last year or so, with our albums being downloaded by thousands of different people.


The best adventure of being a musician and making music it is been the challenging production of “Masses and Sea Motions” short music movie shot and performed live in the amazing location of theatre of silence.



It was a real adventure when, becoming a member of this band, I realized the true power of music, the power to fully unleash the imagination that we all keep imprisoned and subjugated to reason.
It is a typical feature of prog-rock music to tell stories about the unknown, about dreams and strange things but I didn’t expect it to be so related to music itself.
When I first heard the songs those guys were writing I was suddenly transported away, my imagination began to flow, free as a river, creating images, words… a story! Without any use of reason, the concept of the song was there, I only had to write the lyrics.
This process repeats each time we write a new song, and each time I live another life, another adventure, another inner voyage.
Today I’d like you to dive with us into our dreams with Embankment, the story of a girl who falls in love with a ghost she sees everyday at the underground station of Embankment in London. Set your imagination free!


My most exciting experience so far has been when I bought a flask of 40 liters of explosive hydrogen to send my album to space with a weather balloon. After I saw it leave sight into the sky the GPS tracker stopped giving feedback. I assumed I had lost it and was on my way walking home in the dark, depressed. Until all of the sudden 3,5 hours later I got a signal, I called my buddy who catched me dancing in the street and we went 32 kilometers into the woods with an axe and found the thing.
A gopro camera was attached to the package and the video is reversed but you can just see in the beginning how dark it was and what the CD went through.


Follies weekend: From Barcelona to Manresa.
In the fall of 2015 Psychodrome played in two Catalan towns the same weekend, Barcelona and Manresa. The first concert was in the Underground Venue with The Mooh and Quicksand Remedy. Performing on a small stage, the band seemed “to be in a tin”. Nick, with bob hair and fever due to flu, making efforts to fine-tune falsetto. Kenny with orange hair, Xus jumping to the crowd (until someone gave the mast of his bass in the face) and Dani playing drums on the edge (of the stage, literally). Despite this, Psychodrome managed to make a good gig, enjoying a room full of public and the great gigs of the other bands. After the success, he had to celebrate, right? What better place than a bar where they serve wine in buckets of 5l? Indeed, the BB + in Marina. Being it celebrated properly, Kenny, drunk, went to the beach with a friend of the band getting lost along the way. Upon arriving they met an Arab boy and his friend. Kenny after a while became friends with them and the arabian guy asked him about going to a party together. After this, the Arab told him that he was staying in the Hotel Palace and breakfasted salmon and champagne every day, decorating it with a “Watcha say, man!? (what a priggish guy….). Seemed like a rap music video of the 90’s! On the other side Nick and Xus were lost. trying to find the car, and they found it after two hours, a car in which to sleep. Dani was lost with the rest of friends and slept at the home of somebody’s cousin , very confusing. After several phone calls and agree their locations, the band went to Manresa to give his last concert this weekend at the Baobab Venue. Upon arrival, someone surprised shouting: “a massaging couch!” at the backstage of that small room was one, unbelievable! Like hyperactive boys, they saw that there were crayons and highlighters, so they decided to decorate their “setlists” besides burning cigarette butts in them. With Nick’s fever  increasing, they made an hour and a quarter concert as headliners playing after the local group “Porta Oberta”. Arriving at the end of the concert, took the stage a great friend of the band and played with them “Spiral Tab”, one of the songs more “Punk-Rock” of his first times. The end of the concert was characterized by its destructive power, since just after “Poppy Juice” the band played its most powerful song, “Spayed”, where Kenny and Nick broke two strings of the guitar almost in unison. All are experiences, and this was fun both for the band and for the public, who enjoyed two good concerts despite the mishaps. Professionalism above all.



The fact of creating a whole new legendarium just to compose music about it. Most bands of my style inspire themselves with the work of Tolkien. I wanted to do something different, so I created my own legendarium, The Lays of Assiriand. It is a very hard work, two years have passed and well, I have done a lot, but to finish the project will take me years, but the important thing is that I have lore for years to inspire myself for composing music!

Fegefeuer Anilmathiel




The best adventure I’ve had in making music is one I have all the time. When I’m writing a song and I know it’s going to be good and I’m recording it and it turns out beautiful. That is the best feeling in the world. And the greatest adventure! To find out which instruments will work, what lines work and which don’t, all of that combined is a great journey that leads to a beautiful product. A song or piece that comes from my heart to the world.

Mina Harrison


Music is always an adventure. The best adventure is always the last.Every adventure brings new knowledge which helps on our next adventure. Music can disperse rage and induce sadness. Emotions from someone else created through play. Messages are obvious or non-obvious for everyone differently. Altough everybody can hear; not all do understand music. Music talks, ven without singing. Mind and heart are the real instruments.Infinite streams of idea and inspiration awaits creative souls and minds. Sadness or bitterness can almost extinguish that drive.
I trapped myself in Poisonous pyramids of thoughts.

My music helped me overcome those patterns by creating new ones.



The best adventure I’ve had with my music was while creating it with heart and soul. And therefore that best adventure happened to me with every single track I created so far. My music, my tracks, they evolve and grow with me, grow on me and also inside of me. Slowly but steadily they grow. No, I never hurry, I never rush, I take my time.  Patiently I wait for a right moment to work on it and allow a track to evolve. A track can therefore take months for me to finish and I am okay with that. As a matter of fact I prefer working like that. I hate any pressure put on me to get a track done within a certain period of time. I listen, I feel, I visualize and I live my music. It’s a symbiosis and I need the right mindset to continue working. I create my music fully using my senses. I allow myself to sometimes get overwhelmed by my emotions and get my satisfaction from that wonderful process. And yes I can honestly say again : that best adventure happened with every single track I created so far.


It is the gradual transformation of my perception of what it was that I was doing and the realization of how many ways my work can branch out into different areas and where it can be applied. I consider myself more of a multi-media artist as opposed to just a musician, though my YouTube demonstrates mostly my music side and my Facebook and other pages display more of my creative content in other mediums. Dark Ambience for me is often overlooked as a real kind of music because of its strange quality, but like every other music it makes you feel something special, in this case it evokes a kind of eerie and surreal imagination that gives me inspiration for my art which is something I value immensely.
-Dolomedes Threatening


Imagining building a great networking, becoming a professor in a college, plants gigs and doing tour with great people, traveling to different countries – A solid music career .. Then decide that all that is not enough and move to a new country, where you don’t know anyone and have to start again. I did it the I move from Brazil to the USA to pursuit my DMA in performance and I don’t regret. After little more than 2 years I can say that it worth, every tear dropped had a meaning and life and music is the closed thing that God has to offer to the human kind.

Marcos Rosa


Well one of the greatest adventures I’ve ever had with my sound was to know that they are being touched even in other regions of the world such as Portugal, United States and even Canada.
For me it is something fascinating that leaves me urged to do more sounds …
-Wesley Henriques
For me, when I’m creating a music, it is a unique moment to be able to travel all thought and feelings, no one can hold you or forbid you, and this is where you create unimaginable things.
The best adventure for me as a musician has been Youtube. Receiving feedback, engaging with my audience on a daily basis and helping peaople all over Brazil, as much as receiving contact from people all over the globe, as I’vo got from has been absolutly AMAZING! I hope I get to continue doing this for the years to come

 Hello, my name is Jozias Junior, I am from Belém do Pará, Brazil, I’m just a boy of 18 years old, I started playing for a while, now entered the music college UFPA (Federal University of Pará).

I am passionate about music, so I set myself to learn how to play some instruments alone the internet, the internet has always been a tool that helped me a lot.

A while ago I attended a regional music project titled Polo St. Peter where I played percussion and flute, sometimes I sang, Here comes the story: One day we were playing on location here in town, but several things went wrong (laughs) just when we left we took a van and kombi that we put some instruments, it happens that the trunk opened, and some instruments have fallen (laughs) and I almost went along.

the same day we were doing a tour because it was a zoo, but I got lost and almost do not get the time to introduce myself, I was a walking time until you find the people, only got because of the sound of music, but the story does not end out there (laughs), at the time we announced I and two friends went up on stage before, so spoil a bit of input, but the worst was that I fumbled a bit of music in parts of the ground, but still was a cool day (laughs) at the end I managed to play well and mistakes were hidden in time I was 12, but I remember well that day on I just come evolving, stress me enough to be able to get to somewhere and hopefully arrive.



I think the best adventure I ever had was during the production of the soundtrack of the game Toren. Which changed dramatically the way i dealt with music production, i remember receiving a call from my Studio colleague Vinicius Kleinsorgen saying that there would be a special cue featuring a song of our soundtrack in a concert 600km away of us both in that very weekend. We had two days to get tickets, gather our backpacks and head to Curitiba, Brazil. We never expected to see our music performed live so soon with barely 2 years of industry time and 20 years of life time.



Look, studying music over the years (gone 15 so far), I learned to socialize with people, also made great friendships, I exercised my patience, concentration, learned to respect and exceed my limits, I encouraged my desire to always want to learn something new, as well as learn how to interact and also respect other musicians.
This not to mention the many people and places that met through music!
In addition, practically all I could (materially speaking – as a house, car, instruments) was because of her, that is – I have only good things to talk about when it comes to music – it is a passion for me!
In the professional sphere, since I participated in various bands in my town and played a bit of everything from jazz, blues, rock and instrumental music to samba, funk, axé, forró and sertanejo (backcountry). Out there now to imagine that experienced many nice things this time.
Keeps playing of musicians and bands, I have also introduced myself alone, the ‘soil’ way, only low in hand on stage in festivals aimed at the instrument that occur annually in my town (and across the country). This was a very enriching experience and that always requires extra preparation because there has not lie … it’s just you, the instrument, his music and the audience.
Over the years, I also prepared and invest in the teaching area, where I work for more than 10 years. The coolest of being a teacher is that you are always in constant renewal and evolution, either as musician or human – once you have to deal with each student in a different way and often have to teach the same thing in different ways. ..Isso requires a study and extra care, which is too good too!
Recently, inclusive (the bristle of 1 year and a half) also started to teach on-line form (with Skype), serving students from various regions throughout Brazil (including Brazilian students who live outside the country, such as Spain and Ireland)
I work with professional recordings for about 5 years, recording in various studios of the city and the region – besides also making online recordings anywhere!
With all these activities, does not get stopped by here … the music moves my day, from the time I wake up until bedtime!
Today I see the Internet as a great ally also because there is no longer the barrier of distance – Vladimir ourselves, but we are talking now because of the internet! without it this contact would be unlikely to happen… lol
And because it also made several contacts, thanks to social networks! Keep a channel of videos on Youtube for almost 10 years, which often post some tips geared to study electric bass as well as musical performances that will doing out there …

I believe my greatest adventure as a musician was participating in a clip festival which brought together musicians from all over Brazil , in which I was awarded the audience prize with the video clip “Lembranças de Uma Primavera ” from my album ” Nossa História ” . I say it was the most because it was through her I met many people who listened to my songs in various places, and that they were involved in any way with the work he was doing , and be invited to interviews on television, radios , and web sites , then I believe that through this article to adventure as a musician takes another level and continues around the world for those who are reading and listening to my music . Thank you for your attention and ask to know my music through my videos and my album in the various platforms it is like Spotify , Soundcloud , Rdio , iTunes, great rockers hug.

Rick Rain


Best adventures in music is feel hunger for new experiments from day till night. Creating something in new way is the biggest motivation ever.



Putting a band together from scratch rehearsing intensely for a one-hour live set of original songs in less than a month, to do a show that would be broadcast on a national TV network.
A real roller coaster full of stress and soul searching that led to a great performance, a night to remember and the birth of this band.


Well best adventure i ever had was during the production of my Track  “Mirage”(Original Mix) . Like i am huge fan of Enigma by Michael cretu and Moreover “Mirage” is a tribute to celebrate 25 years of  MCMXC a.D.Album. It was Great experience while working on this Track. I have try to put all the elements of Enigma MCMXC a. D Album in this single Track. All in all it was great experience.

-Kawal Singh


It’s a good question. I guess I never thought about it before. Only the joy of creation moves me. Of course I can imagine a huge concert with billboards says ‘Árvai Ábel’ but it is not a goal of mine. I just wanna have fun, but I suppose I don’t have the pre-qualifications to become a real musician. My routine is just sit down, listen a Jean Michel Jarre track inspires me and try to make a good ambient synth music. This genre deserves more attention! In my spare time before I also made stop motions, short movies, took photos, video clips so a guess the stuff I like is create something new. And the visual arts are my tools. My ‘studio’ contains not more than an average household. My computer, cameras, good speakers and that’s it. I have everything I need.

Ábel Árvai


Music is an adventure for whole Life. It brings to our minds hope and freedom. Every day of our Life is fulfill with its beauty and power. It’s a huge mission to create music and to spread your steps beyond the time. Our music is our donation to the Eternity.


Back at ACL 2015 I was talking to a licensing agency that wanted to license my music and we were trying to find a good time to meet. We were talking on the phone and Koo (licensing agent contact) asked me if I could skype when she returned from her trip down to Austin to which I replied that I was in Austin too! She told me that she was at ACL and coincidentally so was I. We ended up meeting backstage and she talked to me there instead of over skype!



The best adventure is to tour in Europe.



I am Addy Villegas. Venezuelan. Almost 23 years to be exact. Music, without being so cliché, is everything to me. Move my life completely, it is my escape, my best and only way to express myself and feel free. The best decision I ever made in my life was to be a musician and although still do not consider myself a professional, fills me and feel free what I do and I learn.

Addy Villegas



Honestly my best aventure probably wasn’t that much of a big deal. I could say, maybe, the first time I got in a live stage, even though I got to play something alot different than

what my channel is about, still is probably the best experience i had so far. As for what I do, I simply make the experiences that I face or imagine turn into something musical. Sometimes good, other times bad or sad or simply random, because for me, music is music, the rest is just taste and emotional situation.





Well I have a lot of beautiful experiences about music in my life, but the best adventure I think it was when I played in Ibagué, Colombia at 2012 in “Artesano” cultural center. A house of art very punky and everyone there was very nice with me and my concert. That gave me the money to take the bus to Medellín, immediately after the concert. On that trip nothing it was planned so I felt much gratitude. Also I have very amazing memories with the musicians Omar Sosa in Quito, Ecuador and Deva Premal & Miten with Manose too, in Chile.

Věra Macarena Valencia Rocha


The best adventure i ever had with music, is just performing in anime events. I sing anisong and i whould like to work in original music in the future. I think, that for me, my adventure with music is beginning.

Francisca Lefimil


For me just making music is some kind of andventure. I am Trip-Hop music producer and every time I turn my MPC machine on, I am in my own universe. Every beat is a new andventure for me as the producer and that’s why I love making music.
-Lost Everest



Telling stories of my life thru songs, and people can connect to stories I’m telling. This is because, in life we will meet a drama queen or a tofu boy wherever we go.

Deborah Gan


I think it was meeting new people who support me in what I do, I also try to learn from them, I am not a professional but I try to improve every day. Music has no borders and is the best!

Sefirlux Fandubs


My music called to people who nowadays I consider to be my best friends.



Well there there’s actually a lot of adventures that I have lived with the music. But one of these adventures me deeply. A friend of mine wanted to commit suicide because nothing was going well for him. After several attempts to convince him not to do it, I decided to show him a piece of classical music. I never thought it would have such consequences. It was a miracle. He did not kill himself, and he decided to make his own music. Music can cause miracles and we can not imagine what power it can have.

-Knx Beats


Dj’s, Beatmaker & Electronic Music

I’ve been invited to DJ at a local venue in Sudbury, UK quite a few times. I managed to create some very creative tracklists and play them to a live audience. It seemed to go down well. But a little frustrating that I’ve never been given a later timeslot.

– Iceferno/ UK




the best adventure I have had with making music is all about the collaborations and learning from other artists that I both admire and respect. I have had the pleasure of working with many artists, both in the UK and across the globe whether that be making music or discussing ideas for new tracks. I really appreciate the time spent with other creatives talking about my and their work and how we can improve and what makes a song great.

I haven’t been on tour with my solo stuff yet, but I have done a few concerts with a choir that I was in called Youthful Melodies. I would like to go on a UK tour soon with the artists that I will sign to my record label, Free-Light.




The best adventure is meeting the best and worst people along the way, finding out what is wrong with the industry and what is right. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most humble and unknown artists from around the world and I can’t wait to meet more!

Jules Bridger/ UK




My best adventure and experience with music was creating my vocal track with Chris Scott from Echomen and finding new quality music to create my dj sets with.
I hope I will not bore anyone with my long answer. From late 2012 until now, the best adventure of mine is that I managed to make some people happy when they listening to my work. Of course, they were and will be people who will not like what I do and what I will do. But this is not an obstacle for me, anyway you can not appease everyone. Peace to all who are part of the music universe.
-Pazăl România/ ROMANIA

My best adventure, Wich i have had with my music is my career as a DJ/Producer.

I started with electronic music at 2010, since that, i have developed in music creation and inspiration huge amount. At 2010 i was a young boy, in a school disco. In there everything changed, everyone else was dancing, but i was intrested, what the DJ did. I was intrested how he mixed music. After that night, i started to read books and exploring a whole new genre in my life, i had been thug rocker and raver and played in a band before that, but after that night i felt more intrest about electronic music (also EDM). Three next years i listened electronic music every day, and in the same year i started to compose, with many kind of music softwares, like magix and FL-studio, I started first to make some common electronic music, but then i wanted to greate my own style, maybe my own genre. So i started to use more inspiration at composing new tracks and same time i played my first gig, at august 2013 in school disco. That gig went pretty well and since of that i have been invited to many other gigs at bar, clubs, discos and more. Maybe my first electronic musican artist role models was Daft Punk and Tiesto. My first own tracks were such as messy crap,
but i made them as a test, how people would react in my music, after that i started to create Electro House, House and EDM Music, with puplic “Standards” but adding my own ideas and inspiration to them. Then people started to listen my music, and telling me that my tracks are good. This hapened at 2015. Now in this year 2016, i have made many my own tracks and remixes, i have also made many DJ Mixes. My Production is going on good light step by step, making my name known, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but maybe next week people can hear my music from their local radio, we’ll see that then. Afterall, Music have gived to me great Attention and Fame, also good vibes and Fantastic situations, like Gigs. My music will give me, what it gives Later. I have not promoted my music allmost at all, i should,but its so complicated, nowadays music business is raw, if you dont have a money, you dont shine, but i have chosen underground side, because when you get famous on underground, your music are not played in radios, and when you are famous in underground side, and later you jump to mainstream side, you will stay in there, maybe forever. We’ll see whats coming up tomorrow. Though im 20 years old, so i have more experiences ahead.




Life is a wondrous journey. In the grand scale of it all, our footprint is a grain of sand in the bucket of the universe.
But our own adventure is everything we will ever know. Satisfying our own personal wants and needs sculpt the future of our adventures. The ability to make Music is something that I have always had a longing for, even as a child. Since I got an electric piano for Christmas at 10 years old, my life feels empty If I can’t add colorful melody to the blank canvas of silence. My personal musical adventure is quite unique. Having served in the Military, life has taken me across the globe to experience many sights and cultures of the world. But no matter where I went, my guitar and FL Studio always came with me. Whether it be by campfire light, moonlight, daylight, or the glow of my computer screen, music allows me to connect with others. Whether it be large groups or one person, seeing someone smile while you play their favorite song for them is the greatest feeling in the world. The digital side of my adventure began in 2008 when I first bought FL Studio after joining the Military. I made tracks for aspiring hip-hop artists and a few projects of my own. [Enter Skrillex]. Upon hearing “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” for the first time, I was slapped with a harsh dose of reality that my own perspective on music was very limited. I wanted more. I began to open my eyes to the vast expansiveness of music that I had yet to discover. After a few failed music projects I started to develop a thorough understanding of the foundations and structure of music. My focus shifted from Hip-Hop to EDM. I also made game audio tracks for Game Dev friends of mine. I fell more in love with music production each day. Being military allows me to make hundreds of new connections, and the amount of people who serve alongside me and are musically talented is surprising. While serving in South Korea, I ran into others who produced EDM and had many collaboration sessions. I and a couple military buddies started a band. The space in my heart for music was filled to capacity. Now I’m back in the United States where my network of musicians continues to grow. I continue to make fun projects, hone my skills and collaborate with artists over the internet. I plan to make music an even-more-permanent part of my life in the near future. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.
-Leo´s EDM/ USA

The best adventure I have had with my music is actually a long, inner one. It’s an adventure inside my inner self, since I think of music as a way of story-telling and I always struggle to narrate whatever comes to my mind the best way I can. Aiming to that, I use every kind of music production tool that I have available, to narrate various concepts, some of which are mostly visualised in films, combined with electronic music. To mention a few: a desert battle, a fairytale, an ambient horror story etc. In short, my adventure is to try and mix music genres with soundtrack-like elements to make something unique, even if the outcome is sometimes weird. That’s what keeps my interest for music strong.

– Omen Ahead/ GREECE




Being a musician is a crazy ride, that’s for sure. But for me the most rewarding thing is that I can honestly say I have friends all over the world because of music and the internet. I can travel from Europe to America to Africa to Asia and Australia and meet people I’ve connected with through making music together. Even though I’ve created music for nearly 10 years, I can say that my adventure is just beginning.

Life and Death Productions




The best adventure we as a network had is actually seeing that the producers who create music for our network, started helping other producers to improve their music. To me, it feels like our network is one big happy family who won’t hesitate to aid each other, and that makes me feel honoured, and makes me feel like I am fulfilling my job.





Well there there’s actually a lot of adventures that I have lived with the music. But one of these adventures me deeply. A friend of mine wanted to commit suicide because nothing was going well for him. After several attempts to convince him not to do it, I decided to show him a piece of classical music. I never thought it would have such consequences. It was a miracle. He did not kill himself, and he decided to make his own music. Music can cause miracles and we can not imagine what power it can have.

-Knx Beats/ GERMANY



I’m a producer since 2014, i think that my best adventure was when i discovered SuperstaarBeats, he’s the one that made me want to become a producer, i listened to a song that he produced then i started searching & learning how to make beats by listening to a lot of songs, since that day i kept improving my way to work and i still learn new things.





My best experience is germany in squat fraiburg  one party techno undeground with asphalte pirate dj
The year was 1983. Ronald Regan was calling Gorbachev on a regular basis, Scarface was in theaters, and the world was shaking their bodies to futuristic bleeps and boops in disco clubs. I of course I was not born. Not yet, anyway. Nope, I of course was born in 1987. From a young age I was always drawn to the early 1980s electronic scene. I graduated in 2006, and of course listening to 80s music while your friends were jamming to Timbaland on their iPod Nanos was to say taboo. However… I didn’t care. I proudly passed cheerleaders with Modern Talking and Madonna blaring through my speakers. I didn’t care about musical fashions. I cared about the energy and sound landscape of the cocaine induced era that was the early 80s. But what was so special about “80s” music? Why was it so magnetic to me?
You see the answer is simple. The 80s was full of hard hitting snares, warm creamy synths, and chunky baselines that seared through your ear canal. It was an era of eclectic artists where no one sounded the same. A far cry from the mass produced polyethylene bubblegum of today. My adventure began in 2006.
I always wondered what made these cool sounds? I started to do some homework. Yahoo was the genie to my Aladdin questions. I could find out everything! By 2006, I had been playing piano for 6 years, I knew a bit around the keys and it was time to started sounding like I was in a hairspray saturated band. I needed a synth. There was a local music store selling a Juno 106 for $100 dollars. I purchased it, and I brought it home. So began my adventure with 80s music. I needed to learn how to create. You see the adventure is learning itself. There were so many sounds, so many production techniques, so many questions that needed to be answered. Lets keep the ball rolling. I needed drums. By 2007 I had learned that 75% of 80s drum sounded came from this black box with wooden sided called a Linndrum. I needed to have one. So, I logged onto Ebay and it arrived at my door one week later. Broken. The battery had died and it retained no patterns. I found out about a company in California called Forat who fixes and modifies these machines. I sent it to Bruce Forat and so began a friendship with the best 80s programmer in the world. I am not kidding fellow tech artists. Bruce Forat became my genie.
Bruce became my go to for making my 80s music come to life. From him, I learned how to process my Linndrum, how to program, write, and what synth does what. I am now making my dreams come true. In my travels I have since, acquired all of the 80s drum machines, and most of the well known synths from that era. The adventure is the journey. From my high school days  listening to Modern Talking, to now programming the Linn 9000 I use to sequence and write, It has all been mesmerizing. You see it is the process itself, not the end result which is magical. I have come so far in my adventure. I have had to chance to play with some of my heroes too. Including David Bryan of Bon Jovi. You see, the adventure never ends. There is always a new (old) production technique to learn, always a new synth to play, and always a new reverb to send a snare through. 1980s electronic music has been with me through girlfriends, harsh times, and those  times where everything seems to just go right. I would like to end by saying the adventure was great, but I am still part of it. And the beat goes on.
John Digilio/ USA
Life is a wondrous journey. In the grand scale of it all, our footprint is a grain of sand in the bucket of the universe.
But our own adventure is everything we will ever know. Satisfying our own personal wants and needs sculpt the future of our adventures. The ability to make Music is something that I have always had a longing for, even as a child. Since I got an electric piano for Christmas at 10 years old, my life feels empty If I can’t add colorful melody to the blank canvas of silence. My personal musical adventure is quite unique. Having served in the Military, life has taken me across the globe to experience many sights and cultures of the world. But no matter where I went, my guitar and FL Studio always came with me. Whether it be by campfire light, moonlight, daylight, or the glow of my computer screen, music allows me to connect with others. Whether it be large groups or one person, seeing someone smile while you play their favorite song for them is the greatest feeling in the world. The digital side of my adventure began in 2008 when I first bought FL Studio after joining the Military. I made tracks for aspiring hip-hop artists and a few projects of my own. [Enter Skrillex]. Upon hearing “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” for the first time, I was slapped with a harsh dose of reality that my own perspective on music was very limited. I wanted more. I began to open my eyes to the vast expansiveness of music that I had yet to discover. After a few failed music projects I started to develop a thorough understanding of the foundations and structure of music. My focus shifted from Hip-Hop to EDM. I also made game audio tracks for Game Dev friends of mine. I fell more in love with music production each day. Being military allows me to make hundreds of new connections, and the amount of people who serve alongside me and are musically talented is surprising. While serving in South Korea, I ran into others who produced EDM and had many collaboration sessions. I and a couple military buddies started a band. The space in my heart for music was filled to capacity. Now I’m back in the United States where my network of musicians continues to grow. I continue to make fun projects, hone my skills and collaborate with artists over the internet. I plan to make music an even-more-permanent part of my life in the near future. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead.
–Leo´s EDM
In the short two years I’ve been making music so far, I’d have to say my best adventure so far would have to be the time my track Rainwater Beat made it on a compilation album called Balloon Party: Mindscapes.  It all started when I noticed their Facebook page announcing the album, and wanting music that would “break the mold” as they said. So I took that into consideration with my track. I started a couple tracks and was getting frustrated; since none of them were “breaking the mold” of any genre. That’s when It started raining outside and inspiration hit me. What if I made a track to sound like a rainstorm? So that’s exactly what I did, and a few weeks later, Rainwater Beat came out. Using a combination of thunder effects and bird sounds layered under high end electronic rifts, I got a track that sounded like an electronic rainstorm. Out of the hundreds of submissions they received, my track was within the forty-nine that were chosen to be on the album. Man, I tell you once I got that email that I made it on that album, I was jumping with joy. It was a very surreal experience for me and was my very first major accomplishment in my time as a producer, and will always hold a special place in my heart.

best adventure I’ve had as a musician or making music was the chance to open the concert of Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini, one of the most famous Italian musicians EVER, during last summer 2015 in Florence’s stadium: it was something I’d never expected when I’ve decided to become a DJ…


I’d say the best adventure is getting to know other musicians and new genres! It’s incredible how many styles of music exist today. It’s always exciting meeting new artists, especially when you’re a newcomer.

Well, it is every time some kind of adventure. I’m producing a track and I see a story, I imagine something. For example, when I was producing my “NewRetroWave” track, I imagined myself driving at night through the city in an expensive retro car, dressed in a jacket with a scorpio on the back of it. Like Ryan Gosling in the “Drive” movie” :)

Elijah Dollaz/KAZAKHSTAN



Hip Hop & Rap



My best adventure that i took with my music was with my buddy Kenjii The Wise to the bahamas to shoot our video for “The Source” that was released on Roots Of Society Records! It was a week long trip that was self funded by myself and Kenjii. We went to Nassau in the Bahamas and Half Moon Cay which was another island we stayed on. In the video link below you can see all of those places and more as you watch the video. Being that Kenjii and I are heavily influenced by smooth jazzy and underground hip hop its no surprise that the video has some smooth vibes to go along with the equally smooth and lush surroundings!

Kenji/ USA




Music has help me meet different  people from all walks of life i thought i would never meet. I learn you can be so different but share one bond, Music.

Juice Up LA/USA




My greatest adventure I’ve had in the music is getting live reactions of the people who are watching me perform my music. The music has the jamming and bobbing their heads the content either inspires them or causes them to think on life in a deeper manner. I like how the music entertains them but the content affects their lives.

Cloak the Scribe/USA




The best adventure I’ve had my music would be the first taste of what it means to go “viral”. After hearing MGKs “Wild Boy”, I was inspired to do a remix of my own with a different kind of message in relation to being a Pakistani. After doing the track we then decided we should shoot a fun video for it as well. After about 2-3 weeks of continuous work on the project, I remember being at my friends place who directed as we put the finishing touches. It was like 11:30ish late night and we finally got it done and proceeded to upload it. Not expecting much I left my friends back to my own place and about 15 min on the way he called me like “holy sh*t the video just got 1,000 views in about 10 min. I was shocked, I had no idea wtf was going and didn’t believe him. By the time I got home it was already at 4,000.

As an independent artist these kinda things are very special and new for us. Within a month the video cracked a solid 150K plus views and actually remained #1 on JadooTV Pakistani Music charts across North America. That probably was the most adventurous thing so far that I’ve experienced with my music with plenty more to come I’m sure.

Osama Com Laude/USA




The best adventure I’ve had as a musician is just the journey & collaborative process with other musicians. From collaborating & co-headlining shows with Grammy Award winning artists such as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & Academy Award winners Three 6 Mafia to the creative process in the studio coming up with lyrics with my artists from Setgang Entertainment. It’s all just been a very rewarding experience creating the soundtrack to my life.”


When i acquired Lil B’s email from a friend and sent him a few beats, and he used not only one but two of them, i never got paid for them but the exposure i received at the time was priceless, btw I’m now getting paid for a lot of music being as thought i kept at it and got a lot better, thanks Vladimir for reaching out to me!

Jay Walker/USA
Music has allowed me to bond with people and form stronger relationships with the friends I already have. The fun I’ve had making music through the inspiration and support I’ve drawn from my friends is an adventure in itself. I can go anywhere, I can be anyone, I can create my own worlds, my own stories and decorate them however I like through music. I can go on and on about the greatest moments that music has lead me to, but I have to say picking up a guitar 4 years ago and getting into composition is the best musical adventure I’ve had to date. Music itself is a lifelong adventure that has taken me through ups, downs, and many side adventures along the way.
My biggest adventure in music has been the connection with people, knowing people appreciate my sound & some even being infatuated with it. I love the feeling, it’s like a high when I get feedback or when people randomly tell me about my music. I love every single individual with all I got who actually listen to me, even the ones who hear it, like it & move on with life because there’s no point without them. They give their time for me & time is precious. I’ll be at school & people approach me to genuinely tell me things ranging from being a fan to wanting to work with me. It keeps me grounded & keeps me enlightened. I love it almost as much as making my art.
My name is L. Marquee. I am a musician, rapper, and record producer. My greatest adventure in my music so far is the first time I rapped live. I participate in a Fine Arts competition hosted by the Assembly of God churches in America. One of the multiple categories I perform in is rap solo. At this time, I had been writing raps for less than a year. I had major writing block for months when I wrote my song “Preach,” which I would eventually perform. I had an interesting and slightly controversial topic to cover, however I could not find the words to express what I needed to while still being lyrical. I was able to finish the song the night before I had to perform it at my church’s showcase, which is pretty much a live rehearsal for Districts. Although I did not perform the whole song, I got the advice I needed to prepare myself for the real deal. I normally do not get nervous when I perform, but I was slightly timid prior to performing Preach since I had never rapped outside of high school cyphers and rap battles. My heart began racing as it came time for me to perform. To my surprise, the crowd loved the song. By the time the chorus hit, members of my church and other people in the audience were chanting Preach right back at me. I ended up scoring a superior and was able to advance to Nationals. I can only credit my success to Jesus Christ as He put the words on my heart that He knew people needed to hear.
L. Marquee/USA
The best adventure I have had with my music is making it through all of the regional audition rounds for the show X Factor in 2012. They were held in Austin,Tx, and I auditioned with my most popular original song to date “Gospel Step”. “Gospel Step” has a line dance that can be done during it making it a fun interactive dance song that everyone can enjoy. Although I did not get the call back several months later for the live auditions with Simon Cowell and LA Reid it was still an honor to make it through all of those cuts with thousands of people competing for a select number of spots. It was one of the best feeling sin the world getting that golden ticket twice telling me I advanced to the next round after 2 nervous performances. The first day of auditions had over 2000 people auditioning. The next day they cut it to 700, the same day they cut it to an even narrower margin. Then we did a recorded audition for one of the producers of the show. I would have to say that was my biggest musical adventure to date. To my knowledge they have never had a Gospel Rapper on the show. I think that could be why I did not make it any further in the audition process.


My best adventure as a musician was being invited (along with many other artists) by BEHAVIOUR COLLECTIVE X EMOTIONS OPEN MIC to perform at their “UNHINGED” event in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. A close friend and I went on a road trip to the Nation’s Capital. I got there and spent time with my videographer, the president of our “X10” brand as well as my best friends who created the brand with me. I visited an art gallery, where the event would be held, and was moved by the paintings and the story they told. It put everything into perspective and now that I think of it helped set a mentality of some sort. Sound check followed and already every artist was prepared, it made the opportunity so surreal, it was an honour.

We got to the venue, for the show, so many people were there, visual artists, composers, dancers, bloggers, emcees, it felt like I belonged there, it was the first time in a while where I felt as if everybody had the same heart, it was a vibe that could not be disturbed [laughing]. I was set to open the show and boy was I was overwhelmed by the love the crowd showed me. I just channelled all the love back and we had a dope time. I stayed to admire the rest of the performers, made contacts, relationships and an experience worth telling. God is good.

– Patrik // #X10/CANADA




Well, the best adventure I have ever had with my music has been to discover, new things, new people,different ways of thinking and see the world. Music has given to me the chance to express myself without prejudices or fears.Music is for me more than a job, music is a way of life. It makes me feel free when I take a pencil and a notebook: every word, every rhyme are part of my life story. Every lirycs is a footprint to say everybody “I’m here ad this is me”. I don’ t make music just to be famous or earn money. I make music to say what I think and what I feel. With music I have cried, I’ve remained,l’ve loved, I’ve hated, and I have suffered but at the end, music has been the only one who has listened to me because after all;the notebook will never make a fun of my feelings. Finally, I consider my greatest adventure with music is to know how to live at the edge; dreaming, flying without move my feet from the ground and let me tell you this is just the begining of the adventure of my life and I hope it never ends.

GM Yako Oficial Rap/ MÉXICO


My best moment was all of them. None of them is not woth it. It´s like, you look for happiness within people and one of the songs I have talks about it. It is amazing.



Music for me had become a way of life. He managed to load both positive or negative energy. Through music I managed to know people worldwide. He took me to places I would have never reached. It’s nice to be number one in the charts on radio o television broadcasts you but it’s even more enjoyable if you  can change someone’s life.
So essentially music for me at the moment is not to reach the radio or becoming a star is about knowledge,  about possibility and desire to pass on a message. So… yeah making music is a wonderful thing if you know what you’re doing.

-Fratziman/ ROMANIA