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Enter Reality

Enter Reality began as a band in early 2012. We’re five everyday people from Sydney Australia with a passion for music. We are a five piece band consisting of two guitarist, Adam and myself, bassist Aaron and Kurt on the drums, and Rachel on vocals. The guys all played in a band called Simulacra before but reshuffled their line up and added a second guitaris, me. Rachel who played keys in the old band stepped up to the lead vocal role and an entirely different band was formed.

What song of yours is the one you like the most?
My favourite song from the first EP is Persona. It was the first song we wrote. You can listen and download it for free on Soundcloud.
How do you write your music?
The music is a collaborative effort. The process usually begins with Adam, then we all work on arranging his ideas into songs. I’ve been recording pre-production for our second EP and we wrote it entirely on a computer in our studio using Ableton and a PodFarm.
What influences do you have?
We’re all into metal and I’d say it’s a very big influence on the band. We all listen to a lot of different styles of music but we’re also influenced by our environment and the state of the world and so that is a big influence on the music as well.
What´s the best experience you have had with your project?
For me I would say the best experience is getting out there and playing shows to people you don’t know and just doing the best you can. Being on the road with the band has been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Being on the road with the band has been some of the best experiences I’ve ever had

What plans do you have this year?
We’re recording our second EP later in the year and have a single coming out in late june or early july. We all have careers outside the band so we’re always busy and can’t tour or play live as much as we’d like too but we’re planning a small tour for the EP’s release and filming a few music videos along the way.
Mention something you don´t like about your project.
I don’t like the recording process haha. Being in the studio is stressful and makes you vulnerable as a musician. You can hear every little imperfection in the takes and you always have to step up and be the best you can, but I always love the the end result so it’s worth it.
Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.
The biggest sacrifice you make for any project is the time you put into it. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to use Ableton and make guitar and bass tones on my Line 6 Pod. I built a drum rack in Ableton for Kurt using the drum samples from the first EP so we could write good drums on the computer. I’ve spent a lot of time learning how to use synths and writing the electro side of our music. I’ve logged hundreds of hours of Youtube tutorials just learning how to use the programs and realising how powerful computers are as a musical instrument. So yeah, time is my greatest sacrifice to the project haha.
What band, music project or solist from your city do you like?
I really like this glitch-hop DJ from Sydney called Mr. Bill. He’s just a really good musician who is pioneering this whole digital computer music revolution and i think its awesome and really creative. He’s from Sydney but I think he’s moved over to America now.
If your project was a word, what would it be?
– Peace

– My name is Dan Purdon and I’m a guitarist in Enter Reality. I’m answering this interview from Party Pig Studio’s in Sydney.

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