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Fraser James

I began creating music years ago but during 2013 I bought the web domain and attended The Institute in London, during that time I began working on demos and I just made loads of music in my free time and uploaded some I thought others would like, I still have masses to go through and upload.
How do you write your music?
I play instruments throughout the day and I never think consciously about creating a set piece of music whilst playing. If I like something I usually record it and leave it and one day I will come back to it and add to it, perfect it and move on. When working in my project band however we usually just jam before and then keep in our heads the best basis for the music to flow during the recording.
What influences do you have?
My biggest influence has probably come from John Frusciante. I am a massive RHCP fan but also I listen to Ataxia and his solo projects. I just find his music so free and different to the majority, its just refreshing to listen to. I remember first listening to the album ‘PBX Funicular Zone’ by John and being so stunned by what could be created by the imagination. I just thought I want to make people share the same experience I felt within my music. Also I listen to a lot of hip-hop and funk and the two really helped my bass playing, I mean I learnt a lot from Flea by watching live gigs over and over but Funkadelic have the most mellow and amazing bass lines and hip-hop is so raw and precise, so I took a lot from that.
Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.
Definitely time. I spend a lot of my time just perfecting, mixing and making the art for the artwork.
What plans do you have next?
I think just making art in as many forms as possible. I don’t want to tie myself down to anything. I love photography, film making, art, music, video games… there is too much to do and too little time so my plans are to try and do as much as possible and make as much art as possible and always be creative.
Mention something you don´t like about your project.
My music is constantly being critiqued by myself. I never think it is perfect and if I look back on a piece of music a year or so after making it I dislike it. So I guess the past, I don’t love a lot of my old music and photography so it means I am always wanting to refresh and never settle.

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