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July Quin

This all really began because I was extremely depressed at the time. I was cheating myself out of opportunities like going to Germany to perform. I was in a weird transitioning period with my friends. I was attempting to get over a girl I liked. My apartment had a small fire and a flood within 3 months of each other, which didn’t get fix till about 2 months ago.

I was living with my mothers girlfriend during that time. She just didn’t really care about us as much as she claimed to. She even prevented my mom from coming to my release event for this album. That was the biggest night of my life at the time. Just a whole bunch of emotions running thru me before I even reached that. Feelings of worthlessness for sure and I’m always on the search for how I can make my next project carry the weight of my feelings and connect. I knew I wasn’t alone in this feeling. I wanted to tell a story of how I went from feeling undeniable to hitting bottom to rising back up again and attempting to dig yourself out of your own grave. So I made the choice to fight thru the bullshit and see this thru to the end as one of my biggest accomplishments. Which so far, it is. I spent about 2 years on it which for me is a lot.
 What song of yours is the one you like the most?
This may be cliche but it changes based on my mood that day. Like right now I feel super turnt! So it’s ‘Soundtrack (Sex Drive) featuring Spades the God. However I always find myself bumping ‘Secrets’ whenever I do listen to myself. It’s probably my favorite song to perform with my band right now too. I love how honest it is and how hopeful it feels even tho it’s not really that type of song haha. So I’d say ‘Secrets’ is my the one I like the most.

 How do you write your music?
I jump around and pace back and forth for minutes before I come up with lyrics sometimes. I have to catch a melody first that’s where I start everything. It’s like once I have a melody for a hook I can start adding the texture/skin to it. Cause melodies to me are like bones. It’s the Skeletal System. Everything else that follows are details. The song is a living thing and I try to figure out ways this living thing carries itself in the album, which is it’s own universe. I’m very meticulous in that sense because I don’t often write just for the sake of. It has to be for a bigger purpose.
What influences do you have?
I’m like the hugest Childish Gambino fan. ‘Camp’ changed my life because it didn’t make me feel alone anymore. Then seeing the way he, as Donald Glover too, can have his hands involved in creating in so many different projects, It’s inspiring. I also study his live shows. Him, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and Drake mainly. I love watching their performances for different reasons. Above all else. I’m working towards being one of the greatest performers ever. So I find myself glued to my laptop screen watching from time to time. Gotta actually be there in person soon.
 What´s the best experience you have had with your project?
Without a doubt pulling off and curating the release party/show last year in August at The Hail Hail Bar in Brooklyn NY. Shout out to Edgar! Happiest moment of my life thus far. My big brother Lee Valentin who is a comedian was the host. I put my friends who are also some of my favorite artist on the bill (Qu’Ality, Sounds like Graffiti, LVG, XiT, Graffiti Royale) and we packed the place out. From someone who doubts himself a lot but has this bigger vision I’m super proud and extremely grateful that everyone came together to help me deliver a moment I will take with me to my grave. Shout out to my band too — DJ DLite & Khalil V. Young because without them, boy, the vibe just wouldn’t have been delivered right. First time I did an hour set and my body crashed at the end of it all. The adrenaline rush was crazy. Hearing your lyrics recited back to you is major whoa.
What plans do you have this year?
I am currently finalizing mixing my next project ‘The Butterfly Years’. Looking to get back into doing more live shows with my band Kaleidoscope Compositions. Can’t really say too much because I’m seeing where our minds wander and what life has in store from what we’ve done already. Just know whatever happens it’s bigger and better than this is.
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Mention something you don´t like about your project.
My perspective on this might change. What I like about it and I think what people like about it too is what i dislike about it sometimes as well. From a personal standpoint, it’s so honest for me. Which is not a problem. I’ve never been uncomfortable letting that side of me loose. It’s liberating but I think because there’s music surrounding it and it’s me and I’m mostly happy in the face when you see me the message gets lost. There are friends of mine who suffer from depression heavy. Who have emotions they feel ashamed of putting out because they aren’t sure it’s the human to do so. Which is wild. Even I do it. All I want is for this to be a conversation starter. Look around you. Someone might really need you right now.
Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.
Ah man. Not sure if it was sacrifice more than it was a control of impulse. I had this very bad habit of just dropping music for no reason at all. I kind of still have it but it’s way more under control now. I have more sense of direction. I don’t sit with music for too long but I spent two years keeping it somewhat under control haha. My friends sacrificed more honestly. My brother Serg lent me his Macbook multiple times for weeks just so I could mix the records. My friends are the MVP’s.
What band, music project or solist from your city do you like? Why?
Truthfully I couldn’t answer that with one artist. This is a recurring theme but my friends are my favorite artist and I’m inspired by all of them at different times for different reasons. Right now at the this moment in time Dizzy SenZe and DC from Queens are making some of the best music I’ve ever heard. Which makes me want to step my game up and give them back the same feeling they give me! I think they’re both aiming for 2016 releases. Look out fo’sho!
If your project was a car model, what would it be?
Yo, I am the wackest ever when it comes to conversations about cars. I ride the train so you guys are about to catch me slipping so hard haha. I don’t know as long as it’s got great interior and excellent mileage then we’re good. That’s what people care about with cars right? Hashtag ‘stereotyping.
What´s your full name? Where were you when you answered the interview?
July Quin, in my room listening to the President of the United States Barack Obama saying ‘Pop Off’ in a JX Cannon beat. Thank you Regis.

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