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Silver Morning

How do you write your music?

Since my childhood I liked music. When I was a kid I just noticed it around. At age of 10 I began to buy my first CDs, at age 14 I began to look on the Internet to the artists that I heard when I was a kid. At the same age I started playing the guitar. At 16-17 I started creating my own simple things – chord progressions that I liked, some melodies. Suddenly at 19 I started writing songs. Without a reason. I just felt that ‘now I can, now I know enough to do it’. That’s how it started.
What song of yours is the one you like the most?

I like all of them, actually. But if you ask for the one. It’s ‘Close’. An instrumental song I wrote in 2012. The most beautiful one. It has everything I thought of and felt back then. That is why it’s my favorite.
How do you write your music?
I usually play around with my guitar, or Garage Band/Logic Pro. Then I find some interesting short musical combination and revisit it until I have something. Usually this something forms a basis for the song. After that I add things until I feel it’s complete. The last thing is to write lyrics, which usually takes around two weeks for me.

I usually play around with my guitar, or Garage Band/Logic Pro. Then I find some interesting short musical combination and revisit it until I have something.

What influences do you have?

The influences are quite broad. Though the core are Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Killers, Nujabes, Pearl Jam, Red hot Chili Peppers.
What´s the best experience you have had with your project?

Finishing a song. Every time. When it’s done and you hear it for the first time – the final version, it’s always the best part.
What plans do you have this year?

To keep making music. If someone listens to it too, that’s great. If I’m the only one who likes it, that’s good too.
Mention something you don´t like about your project.

What I don’t like is that I can’t shape it, can’t give it the full form. I have so many ideas – sonically, visually, conceptually. But I don’t have enough resources to bring them all to life. That’s the biggest disappointment that I hope I’ll be able to overcome.
Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.

I didn’t sacrifice anything for it. Instead, sometimes I have to sacrifice the project to get more time for other things. But I hope one day it will get what it deserves.
If your project was a word, what would it be?
– Solitude.
What do you think about this song?: Zoé – Nada
Zoe’s Nada is quite a nice song. I like that it’s sung in Spanish. And the music itself, you can say they are a live band, playing real instruments. But the way synths are incorporated is natural and they add to the sound. Reminds something from the past. Not the melody, but the spirit. Which is good.

– Arthur Black, answered the questions. I was in Melbourne, Australia. In a cold room, at night.

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