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I started making music when i was about 15/16. I used to make Dubstep and DnB but as i got older i started to make more and more Hip Hop and i started to write lyrics to my beats but after a while i just got so obssesed with beat making that i stopped writing lyrics aha.
What song of yours is the one you like the most?
My favorite track that i have is probably What You Don’t Want Me To Be but i have changed my style completely since then and i will be releasing lots of much better stuff.
How do you write your music?
 I listen to a lot of old jazz music and funk to get inspired and then i just zone out for a few hours by myself as i make beats on my laptop.
What influences do you have?
J Dilla & Madlib are my biggest influences by far. Burial is another big influence for me and Kanye west as well.
What´s the craziest experience you have had with your project?
 Nothing crazy has ever happened aha. Just making lots of music and having ups and downs
Mention something you don´t like about your project
This is weird because the same thing i hate is the same thing i love aha, It annoys me so much that i am always changing and evolving because it means i am never happy with anything i put out but at the same time i love it because it means i am learning and becoming a better artist
Mention the biggest sacrifice you did for your project.
I completely stopped going out with friends and i missed a lot of college for music. Worth it though
What band, music project or solist from your city do you like? (Why?)
There is so many, they are all amazing and need to be heard! Find them! aha

Empirical – Rapper

Doddsi – Rapper

Sam Stately – Rapper

Vansy – Rapper

Erin Darling Finann – Singer

Luke Lorenz – Rapper/Singer
If your project was a car, what model would it be? (Why?)
A Jaguar X-Type aha. Simply because i like that car and i don’t know much about cars.

Who answer these questions? Where were you when you answered the interview?
 I (Tusks) answered them and i was in my room…

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